Avial -Indian Alternative Malayali Rock Band from Trivandrum KERALA

Avial , banda de rock indiana cantada na lingua Malayalam.

Avial is an Indian alternative rock band fromTrivandrum, Kerala, India. The band is named after the popular South Indian dish Avial. The band consists of Tony John (vocals), Rex Vijayan (guitars), Mithun Puthanveetil (drums), and Binny Isaac (bass). The band's music is a fusion of native folk music from Kerala and Alternative Rock. The band was formed in 2003 in Thiruvananthapuram(Trivandrum) in Kerala, and focussed on rock performances only in Malayalam language.
The name of the band is taken from a Kerala dish Aviyal, which is traditionally a part of the Sadya, and made with a mixture of contrasting vegetables. The band's work is a mix of folk music from Kerala and alternative rock, and the band's name is a reference to this.
Avial depicts the social scene of Kerala and the common man residing there about a hundred years back. The music consists of folk songs that were predominantly sung by the workers in the paddy fields, along with alternative rock. The plight of farmers whose hard-earned crop was seized by the local landlords is clearly portrayed in the lyrics of their songs. This portrayal is a new trend, and is unlike the other lyrical themes of majority of the conventional rock bands.
Avial has devised its own flavour of music, which the band members refer to as "Alternative Malayali Rock", that reflects the one of a kind heritage of Kerala life. The Malayalam lyrics used are well blended into their rock songs. The band's maiden album has been complimented for excellent instrumental play, brilliant singing, and lyrics which are beautiful and poignant at the same time. The album received generally positive response from rock enthusiasts in India, especially the youth.
So far Avial has been involved most in doing live shows. Most of the performances were in major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Madras, Cochin (Ernakulam), Trivandrum and so on. Shows were also held internationally in places like Dubai, Mauritius, Reunion Island etc. They were honored to perform at the Sakifo (Reunion) World Music Festival held in Mauritius that brought together 40 rock bands from across the world. Avial was the lone band to be selected from India to represent the country in the festival. The experience was special for the band since the crowd was multinational, mostly French. Impressed with their music, the popular Italian band 'approached them to be a part of one of their forthcoming album, ‘Suburb’, its one song collaboration. The collaboration spawned the song "Chi Me Sape".
Popular record label Phat Phish Records was co-hosting a reality show for rock bands, along with renowned musician AR Rahman. Avial was invited to perform at their opening press meet. And during the press meet, Rahman singled out the band and expressed his interest in their unique style of music and sensible blend folklore and urban rock. The “Rock On” humanity concert was indeed a great experience for the band. The concert was primarily a fund-raiser for the victims affected by the Bihar floods. Farhan Akhtar, a well-known director-actor in the Hindi film industry, spearheaded the concert. Avial was the only band to be invited from Kerala.
At the Jack Daniels Annual Rock Awards 08-09, Avial walked away the winner of six awards – Song of the Year, Album of the Year, and Band of the Year, for both the popular choice and critics award categories.
The latest performance of Avial is for a Malayalam movie Salt'N Pepper. The only song they are making for the production is "Aanakkallan". http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njUDvQPYtaM
These photos are from Closing Ceremony of an annual cultural event (DWANI 2012) of a leading engineering college - (College of Engineering Trivandrum) kerala india , 15-1-2012

By Ratheesh Sundaram

Nisagandhi Festival 2012 - Kerala - India

Nisagandhi Festival, acontece em Janeiro e o Deus do próprio país chegará vivo, com o perfume exótico do NishagandhiQue dá um toque de magia para as noites frescas, com uma bela mistura de melodia e ritmo. E cria um novo mundo de beleza sublime.Tudo sob um céu iluminado pelas estrelas no espaço verde do Palácio Kanakakkunnu magnífico em Trivandrum.'
Bem-vindo ao Festival Nishagandhi que desvenda sete noites que celebram a dança clássica indiana e música.
Nisagandhi Festival Januray 21-26 2012
Kanakanunnu Trivandarum Kerala India

By Ratheesh Sundaram

Indo German Puppet- Music- Theatre- Project by Ratheesh Sundaram

GOETHE ZENTRUM Trivandrum Presents

Sanjay and his Master An Indo German Puppet - Music- Theatre -Project
Bringing Together The western and Indian artist to help appreciate the beauty of Indian Classical Music
Puppetry - Mathias Kuttcha
Music - Subroto roy Chaudary(Sitar)
anja saha Vocals and sitar
Dierector Dadi Pudmjee
27-1-2012 Co Towers Trivandrum

Trivandrum city witnessed a priemiere of an Indo German puppet theatre music project
the group made there first performance in october 21 in hamburg Germany it was a huge successs.
sanjy and the master - a village boy who wants to learn music and want to be a court musician like his master
he struggles to learn sitar, his dedication and commitment made him an excellent sitar player
this is a simple story , through this it shows the basics of Indian classical music with puppetry work mathias kuttcha and the music by renowened Sitar player Pandit Subroto Roy Chaoudary assisted by anja saha in sitar & vocals and swapan bhattajaraya in Tabla - by Ratheesh Sundaram

Flash Mob em Mumbai - India


Pintura a mão nas embalagens dos cosméticos "Moha", India.

Charak Pharma, Linha de cosméticos "Moha" Moha é uma linha de cosméticos indianos que foi criada por Charak usando apenas ingredientes herbais. A Linguagem visual das embalagens se destacam dos concorrentes por se manterem fiéis á natureza orgânica. Um novo olhar para produtos cosméticos naturais. Outro diferencial das embalagens dos produtos Moha, é que elas foram criadas usando ilustrações pintadas a mão que visuallizam os ingedientes que consistem cada produto. Uma obra de arte para a beleza corporal, que começa sendo atraida pelo visual. Via Sharma - http://skarma.com/ideas.html


INDIA - The Color of Contrast (A Cor do Contraste)

Livro/Book e video por Joel Santos (portugues) sobre a India, pode ser adquirido no seu blog clicando neste link. http://joelsantos.net/Joel_Santos_-_Photography/Books.htmlhttp://joelsantos.net/Joel_Santos_-_Photography/Books.html
“India is rags and riches, the poor and the silver spoons, the monsoon and the drought, hot spices and gentle flavours, stenches and aromas, gloom and light, cruelty and humanity,
tears and smiles, disbelief and hope, wrinkles and youth, conflict and peace, chaos and harmony. India is contrast.
India is the most influential lesson in life, modifying us forever, redesigning our reality until it dawns on us that we have everything, absolutely everything, without even realising it. It is the rediscovery of our inner self through others, on a spiritual journey guided by the energy that emanates from the gods, from living beings and from the stones themselves. It is the readjustment
of the weights on the scales of life, in the constant search for balance. India is the people.
India is incredible, transcendent and exuberant. It is a hyperbole that is constantly being redefined, written by the magic of nature and the creativity of the human spirit. It is an inebriating sensory overload, which is indescribable, yet is utterly enchanting. It is
a palette of hues as vast as the universe. India is color.

This book is the materialisation of this vision of India, so eminently human and intimate, which aims to cover the five senses through moments sculpted by light. It is a voyage through the color of contrast, which gave life to the India I felt and which I have the privilege of sharing with you here”.  by Joel Santos

A India é: o olhar de uma criança by Ratheesh Sundaram

by Ratheesh Sundaram | Kerala | India |2012